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July 2020.  We are now becoming more settled in our new Gunalda (SEQ) homestead although the jobs list exceeds the time and resources available so work is ongoing.  Weaning has now concluded and the first of our 2019 born weanlings has already headed off to his new home, others will be following soon as we start the countdown to the new foaling season.

Interest in our new season foals has been high and I am now taking EOI based on wish lists, if you're looking for a special addition to your family then please don't hesitate to get in touch.  Now is the time, no need for an upfront deposit but get your name on the list or risk missing out!

We will be standing the three stallions again this year - Picaro PM/Imp; Rayadillo SG/Imp and Majestic Matador/fully imported bloodlines.  We are now taking service bookings for the coming breeding season and we're offering a 15% discount for bookings made prior to 1st October.  Service fees from $1530 (before 1st Oct).

Covid has put a dampener on activities this year and as a result there haven't been any shows to report on but we're hopeful things will resume before too long (in Queensland) and we'll have some updates to post on our FB page.  Majestic Matador is currently in training with Unique Equines (Beaudesert, Qld), where he'll also be standing at stud again this year.

The best way to contact us is via our email address ([email protected]) or via messages on FB.  

Majestic Matador

CONGRATULATIONS TO Michelle and MAJESTIC BREA who, at her very first show outing, won the title of 2018 NATIONAL CHAMPION FEMALE SPANISH ANDALUSIAN. Congratulations!  And to Kristen and MAJESTIC LOBO who was attending his first ridden show after only five months under saddle and had a string of success including, 1st (72%) Classical Dressage Young Horse, 1st (94%) Lungeing, 1st for age/Reserve Champion Led Spanish Andalusian Gelding, 1st for age/Reserve Champion Ridden Spanish Andalusian Gelding amongst other wins/awards.  Congratulations Kristen!

Majestic Brea and Michelle.  

2018 National Champion Female Led Spanish Andalusian.

Photo Credits: Paula Markey

Majestic Lobo ridden/owned by Kristen, competing here to win their Classical Dressage Young Horse event with over 72%.


Picaro PM, now started under saddle.


Check out a few of our 2013 youngsters learning to play and have fun with their oversized ball!  Follow this link to view our very own  "Ball Fighting Horses" including Majestic Dorado, sold, (pictured here having a ball!).


July 2014.  A new photo gallery has been created of our 2013 weanlings during their first year.  Rayadillo has had his photo gallery updated with more photos and there are some exciting new additions to our For Sale page.



Picaro PM is the feature stallion in the June/July 2014 issue of Baroque Horse Magazine!


Congratulations to Angela who has just recently won Overall Breed Champion with Majestic Romanza at the 2015 Townsville Ag Show.


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What is meant by the expression 'dilute'?

We would like to clarify that our imported dilute horses are Pure Spanish horses - P.R.E.'s.  They have all been inscribed into the Spanish studbook and have had their official passports issued.  The expression 'dilute' refers ONLY to their colour and the inclusion of the CREAM GENE into their genetic make-up - giving them the buckskin colour you see.  The cream gene is also responsible for producing palominos, on a chestnut base.  Picaro PM has two cream genes (double dilute) giving him his pink skin and blue eyes; he is therefore guaranteed to pass on one cream gene to each of his foals - guaranteed to make them buckskin or palomino (excluding the influence of grey genes inherited from the dam).  Picaro's foals WILL NOT HAVE blue eyes OR pink skin unless the mare already has a cream gene (ie is a buckskin or palomino base), in which case, there is a 50% chance of a perlino/cremello.